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'When someone takes a trip,

'When someone takes a trip, he can tell something', as the poet Matthias Claudius put it in the 18th century. Of course, it doesn't have to be a trip around the world as it is with his protagonists. As you know, good things are usually not far away. The Impulsregion – the region of drive and dynamism – is located in Thuringia, right in the middle of Germany. And if you have such a central location, you are always an attraction. We have chosen four themes for our clover made up of the city of classicism Weimar, the medieval metropolis and today's state capital Erfurt, the city of light Jena and the green cultural region of Weimarer Land.

Thuringia and the region of drive and dynamism are Luther country and have plenty to offer in the way of authentic places. The internationally celebrated 2017 anniversary of the Reformation means that the red and white Luther Rose – the seal of the reformer – will blossom throughout the year and adorn the annual programme that has something for all the senses. Where is the green heart beating? Well, at the 4th Thuringian State Horticultural Show! 'The Zenith of Apolda' is the motto and it promises a colourful bouquet of discoveries and events. The paths there are diverse and run through idyllic cottage gardens and majestic landscaped parks. Follow the trail of the ginkgo trees. It is lively on the Saale, Ilm and Gera rivers when the waterways are to be discovered quite actively. And then there is the refreshing element that provides ample opportunity to relax by dipping in and disappearing. And if you are looking for even more pleasure, you will find it in the region’s rich wine and beer culture.

Finally, it will become quite colourful at the family outing with a bright red toy horse. There will be no lack of adventures and new ideas for adults and children.

But you realize that you can't do all this in one day. So stay a little longer – it's worth it! We cordially invite you to an eventful and colourful 2017!

The Impulsregion – the region of dynamism and drive – consists of the cities of Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and the district of Weimarer Land. It was created during the preparations for the Weimar City of Culture Year for 1999. Since then, the partnering cities and Weimarer Land have worked together closely, especially in the areas of culture and tourism, business, science and technology.

Dom St. Marien und St. Severi

Erfurt Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, F: Barbara Neumann

Stadtschloss, Weimar

weimar GmbH, F: Klapproth + Koch

Blick vom Landgrafen, Jena

JenaKultur, F: A. Hub

Schloss Ettersburg

Weimarer Land Tourismus e.V., F: Katy Kasten-Wutzler

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OPERA BALL Jena 2017

OPERA BALL Jena 2017


Floral Christmas

Floral Christmas